The Origin of the IEP in the US

  • Free means that the education and services needed for your child should be at no extra cost to families. The government pays for this.
  • Appropriate means that if your child qualifies, they are entitled to an IEP with services to meet their unique educational needs. Appropriate is where the battles for services often play out due to multiple conflicting interests. More on that later in the thread.
  • Public means supervised by a public school. Your child’s experience may vary wildly depending on the school district. I’m sure some do this exceptionally well. The issue is that it varies from state to state and district to district.
  • Education can include special education and related services, like speech therapy, occupational therapy, vision assessments, etc.

The IEP Process

Obtaining an IEP

Deciding on Goals, Services, and Accommodations

What is Appropriate?

Keep, Organize, and, Record Everything

Keep Fighting



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Harley Stagner

Harley Stagner

I write about Educational Rights, IEPs, and Down Syndrome.